A Comprehensive Guide to Living on a Boat...
The appeal of living on a boat is unquestionable - the adventure, freedom to go where you please, sense of community and kinship with nature - but as humans are not naturally suited to life on the water, the decision to abandon dry land is not one to be taken lightly.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Importing a Boat, What Are the Duties Etc?, Solar and Wind Power -...
Boat Interior
Boat Interior: How Much Storage Do I Need?, How to Furnish Your Boat Practically,...
Choice & Location
Choice & Location: How To Choose a Boat To Suit Your Needs, Things To Look Out For When...
Finance: How Much Does It Cost To Live On a Boat?, Raising The Finance To Buy...
Food & Cooking
Food & Cooking: Sailing: Meal Planning, Fishing for Food: A Beginner's Guide, On a...
Life Onboard
Life Onboard: Adjusting Your Lifestyle to Life on a Boat, Communication Systems...
Maintenance: Preparing Your Boat For Sale, Understanding How Locks Work, Essential...
Questionnaire: Questionnaire: Are You a Natural Live-a-board?...
Rules & Regulations
Rules & Regulations: Boating Etiquette, All You Need To Know About Boat Surveys, Boating...
Safety & Security
Safety & Security: Dealing With Fire, Explosions and Fumes, Avoiding Boat Accidents,...
Sailing: What Are 'Bridge Hoppers'?, Upgrading Your Sailing Skills - Types of...
Waterway Exploration
Waterway Exploration: Introduction to the Waterways of France,...
Latest Comments
  • Kate
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    My partner and I are looking to rent a houseboat for at least 12-24 months, preferably Windsor, Staines and surrounding areas. We have two…
    13 March 2019
  • Josh
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    Sorry to elaborate on interest below, looking for single male. Thanks
    11 March 2019
  • Josh
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    Hi am looking for a house boat rental in Norfolk for six months if anybody knows anyone or has availability let me know, would be much…
    11 March 2019
  • donna
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    Hi! Interested in renting a canal boat in Scotland for 6 months and hopefully longer if all goes well. Please contact me if you have one…
    9 March 2019
  • Nudge
    Re: What is Your Address If You Live on a Boat?
    This is totally wrong. There is the continuous cruiser, A general mooring in a marina, or boat yard . Or a…
    8 March 2019
  • lloydy
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    hI guys, does anyone know someone who wants to rent a boat long term in manchester, cheshire or surrounding arears?
    2 March 2019
  • Mossy
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    I’m looking to rent a houseboat, canal boat or narrow boat for at least 6 months near the Manchester, Warrington or Wigan area ASAP as my…
    25 February 2019
  • Holly
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    Hi there, I’m Holly, I’m 25 and live in the Manchester area. I’m looking at renting a barge for no less than 6 months. My dad currently lives…
    22 February 2019
  • Meelius
    Re: How Much Does It Cost To Live On a Boat?
    Hi. I am looking to try out living aboard, before committing to buy. Please contact me if you have or know of a…
    24 January 2019
  • Luke
    Re: Renting a Houseboat
    Hello does anyone no of a house boat to live on long term on the Norfolk Broads pleas . Thanks for your help
    23 January 2019
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